Monday, May 16, 2005

Have I ever told anyone how much I hate the rain? Well, okay I love the rain, but in moderation, please. Its been non stop for a few days.. or its been sunny -- rainy -- sunny --rainy. It would be nice if it would just pick one and go with it. lol. Plus, my dog is afraid of the rain, so I should really look into buying him a little rain coat and booties for poodles. lol. Hes badass though. I freakin love that dog so much. But we have to get him shaved... Billy took him to the lake the other day and Sparkey came back with burrs all over his legs. Hes just too curly. So were going to shave his whole body except for the hair on the top of his head between his ears... because he has perfect mohawk hair. lol. We're going to make him look a little tougher because hes a poodle, and that just is embarrassing to him. lol.

So I might be getting a car very soon... a red, 1996 Dodge Stratus. M.D.s mama is looking to sell it to me I guess. so we'll see. Its really nice, Emily called Matt to see where it was getting fixed and we drove by to look at it. So Im hoping Lori wants to see it to me cuz its almost perfect.

Im enjoying a nice string of days off to the fullest of my abilities. Despite the rain, its been extremly nice. Sleeping.. alot. I needed to catch up on that. Listening to cds alot.. I love my music. Its mostly been my Chemical Romance and Green Day.. with a little Avril Lavigne tossed in there from time to time. lol. I might have to work tomorrow night, which is gonna suck . 6-10.. and Im supposed to be going to the casino with my mom and AManda and that new Britney Spears show is going to be on, which I really wanted to watch. Oh well. At least I get tonight to watch the Inferno and Wednesday to watch That 70s Show. God, Im such a loser. lol. I watch way too much tv.

Im at the library right now.. like always. My mom, Jonny and Michael had to come up here to type a paper.. so yeah. I tagged along. I was supposed to bring EMily to the doctor but Pa came and brought her instead. She was supposed to get her ultrasound today, but I dunno if thats going to happen. Hopefully.. although I dont need a picture of the kid to tell me its gonna be a boy. I already know its gonna. lol. How do I know? Because I dont WANT another neice. Im happy with the two I have. lol. Now I need a nephew... although I consider Mathew and David (Billys sisters boys.. shes pregnant with her third now) to be my nephews.. and I dont really know Bailey and Corey but I love them too. lol.

So I guess Im going to blow outta here and find my mama to take me home. lol. So maybe Ill come up again to write. Later!!

Posted at 5/16/2005 4:14:34 pm by Swiffer1022


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