Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Thank you for the Venom

You'll never make me leave.. I wear this on my sleeve,
give me a reason too believe,
So give me all your poison,
and give me all your pills,
and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill,
youre running after something that youll never kill,
if this is what you want then fire at will....

Well Goddamn... it took forever but guess who got her internet back? cha.. muah! lol. Doesnt work very well, mostly because my computer is still fucked with a virus from a few months, Ago. It sucks, cuz we have high speed internet and it takes flipping five minutes to load a page. So after I get a job and put some money toward a car, a computer is the next thing on my life. And a digital camera. Could someone write these things down for me? There will be a pop quiz later :)

So Warped Tour is this weekend. Sucks ass, My Chemical Romance is going to be there. Im in love with My Chemical Romance, for anybody who doesnt know. If you didnt know that, you dont know me and get the fuck off my blog page. Haha, Just kidding, Just kidding. But yeah, Id love to see them. Problem... Im poor, I dont have anybody to go with, and Im lazy. I dont know where that factors in, but yeah. lol. Maybe I can talk Billy into taking me out there just to hear them off in the distance. lol. It wont happen. He doesnt "Condone" this kind of music I listen too. Well, not condone.. more like encourage. Oh well, since when do I care?

I dont really have alot to write so I suppose I should get to it.. whatever "it" is. Maybe Ill screw around the internet for an hour or so then watch a movie. lol, laterz!

Posted at 7/20/2005 9:22:14 pm by Swiffer1022


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Here I am, as perfect as Im ever gonna be, youll see, love me for me... stick around Im not the kind of girl you want to leave, youll see love me for me.

Shut up, come back, no i didnt really mean to say that... Im mixed up, so what, yeah you want me so youre messed up too..

I love you, I hate you, if you only knew what Ive been through... My head is spinning but my heart is in the right place, Sometimes it has to have itself a little earthquake.

- Love For Me - Ashlee Simpson -



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Dont want to be an America Idiot
Dont want a Nation under the new media
And can you heard the sounds of hysteria?
The subliminal Mind-fuck America

-Green Day-

And My weakness is that I care too much...

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