Friday, May 13, 2005
By The Way...

By the way... not like any of you care or anything. lol. But as of today I have been with Billy for 2 years and 7 months. Holy shit. lol. Thats a hella long time. lol. But Ive never loved someone so much before in my life :)   With... the exception of my nieces :)

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Helena - My Chemical Romance

Burn it out.. just like the match you striked to incinerate the lives of everyone you knew...


Wearing: Long sleeved blue t shirt (Billys), Ripped jeans, pink belt and orange sandles

Jewlery: Rainbow bracelet and chunky pink one with a heart on it

Smells: The library and peach body spray

Cravings: Hmmm... Chicken finger kids meal from Green Mill? lol.

Music: Helena in stuck in my head at this particular moment. Love that song. I was just singing Papa Roach - Scars too a few minutes ago. But My Chemical Romance is in my cd player in the car

Later: Movie with Billy? Maybe.. I won two free passes. lol. But there isnt much out that I wanna see right now.

Im extremely bored. I had to get up at 8:00 this morning to babysit the girls for a few hours. Sadly, 8:00 was sleeping in for me. At this point in time, Sleep isnt something I get very often. Most likely if you see me trudging around during the day, its because I didnt get to bed until 2 and had to wake up at 6. So yeah, I havent been the most friendly person in the world lately. lol. Sorry. But Im looking forward to an easy week coming up.. so it should be nice. Heres how its looking so far:

Saturday: Work 12-6 or 6-10.. Im not sure yet. I have to talk to Jolene I guess

Sunday: OFF! Thank god

Monday: OFF -- Emilys ultra sound to find out what her baby is. I dont need a picture to tell me that the damn things a boy.

Tuesday: Work 6-10

Wednesday: Babysit in the morning.. I think. Randys going out of town.

Thursday: Work 6-10

Friday: Babysit from 4-11.. I think. Easy though.. 4 at night til 11 at night.

Yesterday was AMandas birthday/// 24. So The family all went out to Applebees for dinner. It was me, Emily, Pa, Jonny, Michael, Randy, Amanda, Cora, Kaley, my mom and Cassie. Alot of fun. My mom almost got into a fight with some lady. lol. And Randy spilled pop on me and Jonny and Michael almost got killed by Pa. lol. Were a very colorful family. Obviously, right?

Now I have to go and pick up my brother in about and hour.. damnit. I thought I had less time than that. I dont really feel like sitting here any longer. Oh well.. Maybe Ill go home and catch a quick shower before I have to go pick him and Michael up. I have tons of things to do tonight.. which sucks. my night off and I hardly get a second to just sit and rest. Oh well. lol. I guess I better get going for now before I bore you all to death, although I probably already have. I dont really care though. lol. Later

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Monday, May 09, 2005
Im Not Okay (I Promise) -My Chemical Romance

Yeah... Its a good title. Ive been busy and in and out of feeling bad for and about myself lately. Dont know why.. but Ive been coming out of it slowly with the few days Ive gotten off work. But.. I have to go back tonight and tomorrow morning. Sucks.. Oh well. At least I got mothers day off. And the money definitely isnt bad. Ive been spending it left and right though. I bought the My Chemical Romance cd yesterday, food, a dvd, went to a movie and all that fun stuff. Somewhere between that stuff I blew another 150 dollars or so that I cannot account for. lol. Oh well.. hopefully I got something good out of it.. I just cant rememeber. Oh wait.. I do. Phone bill. Ouch, it was a hundred this month.

Mothers Day was Yesterday.. Im not a mother, I didnt get any presents. lol. Me Emily and AManda went in on buying my mom a swing for the backyard. 100 bucks... I put in 30. Were waiting for eMilys 30 now. So we had my grandma, grandpa, Randy, Amanda, Cora and Kaley over for mothers day yesterday. My dad grilled and then we all walked to the park and played tag with Jonny, Michael and Alex. lol. Very juveline but very fun. Im sore today from climbing up and down that damn playground. Then me and Billy went to Perkins to pick up some food and came back and I cuddled with my Sparkey Pierre Bear. It was a great day, I loved it and had lots of fun.

I think now Im going to head off to home and go for a walk/run with Barkey, then dye my hair. I bought the day a couple of days ago but havent gotten the time to do it. I should do it before I go to work tonight though. lol. Maybe Matt will get a kick out of that since I just saw him yesterday with light brown hair. Anyway.. Maybe Ill get around to writing again soon. Maybe not.. we'll see how I feel :)

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Friday, April 22, 2005
Happy Birthday Too ME!!

The Big 2-0!!!!!!!!

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Friday, April 15, 2005
Dont want to be an American Idiot...

Blahhh... At the Library.. AGAIN! I swear.. Im getting a computer soon. lol. Nothing really new has happened.. Dunno about Billys job. Hes getting a motocycle :o Its gonna suck.. Oh well. Cant stop him I suppose. lol. Wouldnt if I could. Actually, I could, but its something he wants. I wont stand in his way.

I think Im gonna throw a little survey in here, kinda like.. to catch everyone up as to what Ive been doing and my interests and all that jazz. lol.

Name: Amber

Birthday: Soon... April 22nd :)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Billy

How long have you been together: 2 and a half years. A loong time. lol. Loves him though :)

Favorite Singers: Avril Lavigne (Likes her since way back when), Ashlee Simpson sometimes (When I dont think shes, Britney Spears (Shes dirty, but I like some of her music still), Willa Ford (Always holding it up for her), John Mayer, Ryan Cabrera

Favorite Bands: Im obsessed with Green Day.  The Killers, Good Charolette, Maroon 5

Favorite Songs: Holiday - Green Day /  I just wanna live - Good Charolette  /  Fall to Pieces, How does it feel, Take Me Away - Avril Lavigne / Love For me, Love makes the world go round - Ashlee Simpson / Secret, She WIll Be Loved - Maroon 5 / Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Favorite Foods: You mean the ones I can eat with damn Acid Reflux? lol. I still eat Buffalo wings, pizza, spaghetti and fries.. and the stuff thats worst for me. lol. I love it all.. I just dont care! Im WAYNE BRADY BITCH!!!! -Chapelles Show-

Favorite Cds: Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin, Maroon 5 - Songs ABout Jane, Green Day -American Idiot and Nimrod, The Killers - Hot Fuss, Willa Ford - Willa Was Here and Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

Perfume: Crush? I think.. I dont know. It changes depending on my mood.

Hair Color: Ehh.. its wearing off. It was super dark a couple weeks ago. lol. It has been for months. Im going to buy hair dye tonight I think. Reminder to self... Use the conditioner 2 weeks after dying so It wont wear off so quick this time. lol.

Current clothing: Yuck.. red sweats and a hooded sweatshirt. I have to go home and shower and change. lol.

Is that all? Hope so.

Fabulous... I think Im going to blow out of here for now. lol. I need topick my mom up for work at 4:30 since I stole her car and get home and take my barkey outside. Later!

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Here I am, as perfect as Im ever gonna be, youll see, love me for me... stick around Im not the kind of girl you want to leave, youll see love me for me.

Shut up, come back, no i didnt really mean to say that... Im mixed up, so what, yeah you want me so youre messed up too..

I love you, I hate you, if you only knew what Ive been through... My head is spinning but my heart is in the right place, Sometimes it has to have itself a little earthquake.

- Love For Me - Ashlee Simpson -



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