Friday, July 22, 2005
Hey, you made me throw up a little :)

Live it.... bitches

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Thank you for the Venom

You'll never make me leave.. I wear this on my sleeve,
give me a reason too believe,
So give me all your poison,
and give me all your pills,
and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill,
youre running after something that youll never kill,
if this is what you want then fire at will....

Well Goddamn... it took forever but guess who got her internet back? cha.. muah! lol. Doesnt work very well, mostly because my computer is still fucked with a virus from a few months, Ago. It sucks, cuz we have high speed internet and it takes flipping five minutes to load a page. So after I get a job and put some money toward a car, a computer is the next thing on my life. And a digital camera. Could someone write these things down for me? There will be a pop quiz later :)

So Warped Tour is this weekend. Sucks ass, My Chemical Romance is going to be there. Im in love with My Chemical Romance, for anybody who doesnt know. If you didnt know that, you dont know me and get the fuck off my blog page. Haha, Just kidding, Just kidding. But yeah, Id love to see them. Problem... Im poor, I dont have anybody to go with, and Im lazy. I dont know where that factors in, but yeah. lol. Maybe I can talk Billy into taking me out there just to hear them off in the distance. lol. It wont happen. He doesnt "Condone" this kind of music I listen too. Well, not condone.. more like encourage. Oh well, since when do I care?

I dont really have alot to write so I suppose I should get to it.. whatever "it" is. Maybe Ill screw around the internet for an hour or so then watch a movie. lol, laterz!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Sugar, we're goin down

Mood: Crappy.. I dont feel well and Im literally running off of 3 and a half hours of sleep :(

Annoyances of the day: The crazies.... a.k.a the future mr. and mrs. cruise... and the Humidity

I love yous: VIVA LA BAM!!! and I think Andy Milanokis is hilarious! MINTY MINTY SANGWICH. lol. I love my dogs and Kaley today too. Kaley just turned my mood all around.

Songs of the moment: Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes, My Chemical Romance - Im not okay, Fall Out Boy - Sugar were goin down, Motley Crue - Sick Love Song, - Green Day - The Death of St. Jimmy, Papa Roach - Scars, and Avril Lavigne - Forgotten,

So I had a bad night last night. lol. Nothing really worth reliving. Lets just leave it at the fact that I busted my moms windshield (TOTALLY by accident) with my cell phone. Oh, dont worry... my cell phone was unharmed. lol. A little good luck for me anyways, cuz we all know Im broke as a joke. I also hate hate HATE being yelled at.. goddamn.. especially when Im already crying. Ahhh.... rrrrrrhhhfghgvhdfgbh... Bad bad night. I seriously wanted to walk out of my house and as far away from, reality as possibly. I think in same way I subconsiously might have. I know one thing for sure, I was all hopped up on tylenol pms :(~ lol. I was half in and out of consciousness all night.

Yeah, I finally got around to quitting my jobs. yes, both of them. Goddamn, now Im broke with a windshield that needs to be paid for. Ahhh.. the hell that is my life. I guess thats my reason for coming to the library today. Lookin for jobs. Its probably not going to help me much though.. I dont have a car. Yeah Im fucked. Oh well.

I finally did get around to getting my hair done. + + + + + + + + Nobody loves it. lol. Well.. I do. I guess everyone sort of does.. they just think it was a waste of money. But I highly suggest checking out Whoop Dee Do hair salon. Theyre awesome. Carrie did my hair. I got dark brown and carmel foils. Next time Im doing black and red :) lol. NOt EXTREME black and red. dont get me wrong. maybe super dark brown, red and blonde. yeah.. thats its.

There isnt much to write. Maybe I should hook a lil survey onto this bad boy? Hmm.. no. Im a little burnt out on doing much of anything right now that would cause me to exude much effort. Ive been sick with migraines for almost a week now, and lying in bed reading old stories on my cell phone. lol. Old stories that Brittney and I used to write about Nsync. lol. Brings back some good ol memories and kinda makes me miss the old days. lol. Okay, I miss the old days.. I loved sitting in writing class and ducking out of study hall to write those stories in high school. Damn, has it really been 2 years since Ive written a story? Sad...

I loved it though. These stories were a big part of me for so long. lol. Its nice to go back and re-read them and remininsce <---- Is that spelled right? Who cares. I guess Im gonna blow outta here for now. I might write something a little extra before I leave.. but we'll see how Im feeling. lol. Later!

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Friday, June 10, 2005
Dont Hold Me Down

Mood: Suprisingly good
Wearing: Ripped jeans, green sandles, and a white tank top a lá Jessica Simpson
Song of the Day:
Give 'em Hell, kid  -- My Chemical Romance
Current annoyances: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and her herpe lips disgust me, Rain when theres supposed to be summer sucks, The Backstreet Boys  new song which is played over and again and just sucks..
Current Loves:
My Chemical Romance, warm weather, severe thunderstorms EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, The new season on Viva La Bam just weeks away, black nail polish with a green tint, saving money, being independent, not needing anyone and not taking shit from anybody, Being the happiest Ive been in my life.

Yeah, sorry its been a while. Alot has happened. ALOT. lol. I dont really know where to start. Ive been so busy.. working every frickin night... and day. So its been sucking.. but the money definitely isnt bad. Im getting my hair done at Whoop Dee Do Hair Salon on the 20th, Did Sparkey Pierres hair a couple days ago. We took him up to PetSmart in Burnsville and got him shaved all except his mohawk. So between the mohawk and his spiked collar I got him... Hes looking pretty badass these days. lol. I love that dog.

I saw my sister Angie a few weeks back.. at the end of May. That was an experience. Shes actually really nice and really cool. Shes met Johnny Knoxville, Steveo, and all the guys from Jackass except Bam. But she said Bams a big coke addict :( I choose not to believe this. lol. Oh well. She said they were literally all a bunch of jackass except for Johnny Knoxville.. which is cool.

Did I say in my last entry that Im going to be gaining a niece at the end of September? lol. Well if I didnt, I am. Emilys having a girl . Alexis Marie... Lexi for short. So thatll be cool. Kaley just turned 2 on the 5th of June, and Emily graduated on the... 3rd? Yes, I do believe that it was the third.

And Billy and I have been looking at Engagement rings :) Were not going to be engaged anytime soon probably though. The ring I have picked out at Lundstroms in Mall of America is a 1 karot, princess cut diamond ring on a white gold band. Im in love with it.. its a 3500 dollar ring which is affordable. But I really want to get some moneys put away before engagement or marriage is a possibility.

Emily is going to be taking over babysitting for me at the end of June, and Im planning on a full time job by the end of July. I want to give Jolene plenty of time to find someone to replace me because things have been really shitty up at the store with people quitting. Basically.. its been me and Mandie closing. and thats been pretty hard on me. Especially since the place freaks the shit out of me. Some guy came in drunk and stole 2 packs of red bull the other night.. and Im so afraid that hes going to come back up since I called the cops on him and he got a ticket. I have to get out of there...

Im thinking of applying at Kohls, just to get up enough money to go take some photography classes or something up at Brown College. But I dunno, my mind changes every so often on what I want to do with my life.. so we'll see I suppose.

Anyway... I should get going and go home and get ready for work. Plus Sparkey is there with EMily and hes afraid of her. lol. So Ill try to get around to writing in the near future. Later!!

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Have I ever told anyone how much I hate the rain? Well, okay I love the rain, but in moderation, please. Its been non stop for a few days.. or its been sunny -- rainy -- sunny --rainy. It would be nice if it would just pick one and go with it. lol. Plus, my dog is afraid of the rain, so I should really look into buying him a little rain coat and booties for poodles. lol. Hes badass though. I freakin love that dog so much. But we have to get him shaved... Billy took him to the lake the other day and Sparkey came back with burrs all over his legs. Hes just too curly. So were going to shave his whole body except for the hair on the top of his head between his ears... because he has perfect mohawk hair. lol. We're going to make him look a little tougher because hes a poodle, and that just is embarrassing to him. lol.

So I might be getting a car very soon... a red, 1996 Dodge Stratus. M.D.s mama is looking to sell it to me I guess. so we'll see. Its really nice, Emily called Matt to see where it was getting fixed and we drove by to look at it. So Im hoping Lori wants to see it to me cuz its almost perfect.

Im enjoying a nice string of days off to the fullest of my abilities. Despite the rain, its been extremly nice. Sleeping.. alot. I needed to catch up on that. Listening to cds alot.. I love my music. Its mostly been my Chemical Romance and Green Day.. with a little Avril Lavigne tossed in there from time to time. lol. I might have to work tomorrow night, which is gonna suck . 6-10.. and Im supposed to be going to the casino with my mom and AManda and that new Britney Spears show is going to be on, which I really wanted to watch. Oh well. At least I get tonight to watch the Inferno and Wednesday to watch That 70s Show. God, Im such a loser. lol. I watch way too much tv.

Im at the library right now.. like always. My mom, Jonny and Michael had to come up here to type a paper.. so yeah. I tagged along. I was supposed to bring EMily to the doctor but Pa came and brought her instead. She was supposed to get her ultrasound today, but I dunno if thats going to happen. Hopefully.. although I dont need a picture of the kid to tell me its gonna be a boy. I already know its gonna. lol. How do I know? Because I dont WANT another neice. Im happy with the two I have. lol. Now I need a nephew... although I consider Mathew and David (Billys sisters boys.. shes pregnant with her third now) to be my nephews.. and I dont really know Bailey and Corey but I love them too. lol.

So I guess Im going to blow outta here and find my mama to take me home. lol. So maybe Ill come up again to write. Later!!

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Here I am, as perfect as Im ever gonna be, youll see, love me for me... stick around Im not the kind of girl you want to leave, youll see love me for me.

Shut up, come back, no i didnt really mean to say that... Im mixed up, so what, yeah you want me so youre messed up too..

I love you, I hate you, if you only knew what Ive been through... My head is spinning but my heart is in the right place, Sometimes it has to have itself a little earthquake.

- Love For Me - Ashlee Simpson -



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