Entry: Dont want to be an American Idiot... Friday, April 15, 2005

Blahhh... At the Library.. AGAIN! I swear.. Im getting a computer soon. lol. Nothing really new has happened.. Dunno about Billys job. Hes getting a motocycle :o Its gonna suck.. Oh well. Cant stop him I suppose. lol. Wouldnt if I could. Actually, I could, but its something he wants. I wont stand in his way.

I think Im gonna throw a little survey in here, kinda like.. to catch everyone up as to what Ive been doing and my interests and all that jazz. lol.

Name: Amber

Birthday: Soon... April 22nd :)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Billy

How long have you been together: 2 and a half years. A loong time. lol. Loves him though :)

Favorite Singers: Avril Lavigne (Likes her since way back when), Ashlee Simpson sometimes (When I dont think shes lip-syncing..lol), Britney Spears (Shes dirty, but I like some of her music still), Willa Ford (Always holding it up for her), John Mayer, Ryan Cabrera

Favorite Bands: Im obsessed with Green Day.  The Killers, Good Charolette, Maroon 5

Favorite Songs: Holiday - Green Day /  I just wanna live - Good Charolette  /  Fall to Pieces, How does it feel, Take Me Away - Avril Lavigne / Love For me, Love makes the world go round - Ashlee Simpson / Secret, She WIll Be Loved - Maroon 5 / Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Favorite Foods: You mean the ones I can eat with damn Acid Reflux? lol. I still eat Buffalo wings, pizza, spaghetti and fries.. and the stuff thats worst for me. lol. I love it all.. I just dont care! Im WAYNE BRADY BITCH!!!! -Chapelles Show-

Favorite Cds: Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin, Maroon 5 - Songs ABout Jane, Green Day -American Idiot and Nimrod, The Killers - Hot Fuss, Willa Ford - Willa Was Here and Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

Perfume: Crush? I think.. I dont know. It changes depending on my mood.

Hair Color: Ehh.. its wearing off. It was super dark a couple weeks ago. lol. It has been for months. Im going to buy hair dye tonight I think. Reminder to self... Use the conditioner 2 weeks after dying so It wont wear off so quick this time. lol.

Current clothing: Yuck.. red sweats and a hooded sweatshirt. I have to go home and shower and change. lol.

Is that all? Hope so.

Fabulous... I think Im going to blow out of here for now. lol. I need topick my mom up for work at 4:30 since I stole her car and get home and take my barkey outside. Later!


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