Entry: Dont Hold Me Down Friday, June 10, 2005

Mood: Suprisingly good
Wearing: Ripped jeans, green sandles, and a white tank top a lá Jessica Simpson
Song of the Day:
Give 'em Hell, kid  -- My Chemical Romance
Current annoyances: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and her herpe lips disgust me, Rain when theres supposed to be summer sucks, The Backstreet Boys  new song which is played over and again and just sucks..
Current Loves:
My Chemical Romance, warm weather, severe thunderstorms EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, The new season on Viva La Bam just weeks away, black nail polish with a green tint, saving money, being independent, not needing anyone and not taking shit from anybody, Being the happiest Ive been in my life.

Yeah, sorry its been a while. Alot has happened. ALOT. lol. I dont really know where to start. Ive been so busy.. working every frickin night... and day. So its been sucking.. but the money definitely isnt bad. Im getting my hair done at Whoop Dee Do Hair Salon on the 20th, Did Sparkey Pierres hair a couple days ago. We took him up to PetSmart in Burnsville and got him shaved all except his mohawk. So between the mohawk and his spiked collar I got him... Hes looking pretty badass these days. lol. I love that dog.

I saw my sister Angie a few weeks back.. at the end of May. That was an experience. Shes actually really nice and really cool. Shes met Johnny Knoxville, Steveo, and all the guys from Jackass except Bam. But she said Bams a big coke addict :( I choose not to believe this. lol. Oh well. She said they were literally all a bunch of jackass except for Johnny Knoxville.. which is cool.

Did I say in my last entry that Im going to be gaining a niece at the end of September? lol. Well if I didnt, I am. Emilys having a girl . Alexis Marie... Lexi for short. So thatll be cool. Kaley just turned 2 on the 5th of June, and Emily graduated on the... 3rd? Yes, I do believe that it was the third.

And Billy and I have been looking at Engagement rings :) Were not going to be engaged anytime soon probably though. The ring I have picked out at Lundstroms in Mall of America is a 1 karot, princess cut diamond ring on a white gold band. Im in love with it.. its a 3500 dollar ring which is affordable. But I really want to get some moneys put away before engagement or marriage is a possibility.

Emily is going to be taking over babysitting for me at the end of June, and Im planning on a full time job by the end of July. I want to give Jolene plenty of time to find someone to replace me because things have been really shitty up at the store with people quitting. Basically.. its been me and Mandie closing. and thats been pretty hard on me. Especially since the place freaks the shit out of me. Some guy came in drunk and stole 2 packs of red bull the other night.. and Im so afraid that hes going to come back up since I called the cops on him and he got a ticket. I have to get out of there...

Im thinking of applying at Kohls, just to get up enough money to go take some photography classes or something up at Brown College. But I dunno, my mind changes every so often on what I want to do with my life.. so we'll see I suppose.

Anyway... I should get going and go home and get ready for work. Plus Sparkey is there with EMily and hes afraid of her. lol. So Ill try to get around to writing in the near future. Later!!


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