Entry: Sugar, we're goin down Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mood: Crappy.. I dont feel well and Im literally running off of 3 and a half hours of sleep :(

Annoyances of the day: The crazies.... a.k.a the future mr. and mrs. cruise... and the Humidity

I love yous: VIVA LA BAM!!! and I think Andy Milanokis is hilarious! MINTY MINTY SANGWICH. lol. I love my dogs and Kaley today too. Kaley just turned my mood all around.

Songs of the moment: Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes, My Chemical Romance - Im not okay, Fall Out Boy - Sugar were goin down, Motley Crue - Sick Love Song, - Green Day - The Death of St. Jimmy, Papa Roach - Scars, and Avril Lavigne - Forgotten,

So I had a bad night last night. lol. Nothing really worth reliving. Lets just leave it at the fact that I busted my moms windshield (TOTALLY by accident) with my cell phone. Oh, dont worry... my cell phone was unharmed. lol. A little good luck for me anyways, cuz we all know Im broke as a joke. I also hate hate HATE being yelled at.. goddamn.. especially when Im already crying. Ahhh.... rrrrrrhhhfghgvhdfgbh... Bad bad night. I seriously wanted to walk out of my house and as far away from, reality as possibly. I think in same way I subconsiously might have. I know one thing for sure, I was all hopped up on tylenol pms :(~ lol. I was half in and out of consciousness all night.

Yeah, I finally got around to quitting my jobs. yes, both of them. Goddamn, now Im broke with a windshield that needs to be paid for. Ahhh.. the hell that is my life. I guess thats my reason for coming to the library today. Lookin for jobs. Its probably not going to help me much though.. I dont have a car. Yeah Im fucked. Oh well.

I finally did get around to getting my hair done. + + + + + + + + Nobody loves it. lol. Well.. I do. I guess everyone sort of does.. they just think it was a waste of money. But I highly suggest checking out Whoop Dee Do hair salon. Theyre awesome. Carrie did my hair. I got dark brown and carmel foils. Next time Im doing black and red :) lol. NOt EXTREME black and red. dont get me wrong. maybe super dark brown, red and blonde. yeah.. thats its.

There isnt much to write. Maybe I should hook a lil survey onto this bad boy? Hmm.. no. Im a little burnt out on doing much of anything right now that would cause me to exude much effort. Ive been sick with migraines for almost a week now, and lying in bed reading old stories on my cell phone. lol. Old stories that Brittney and I used to write about Nsync. lol. Brings back some good ol memories and kinda makes me miss the old days. lol. Okay, I miss the old days.. I loved sitting in writing class and ducking out of study hall to write those stories in high school. Damn, has it really been 2 years since Ive written a story? Sad...

I loved it though. These stories were a big part of me for so long. lol. Its nice to go back and re-read them and remininsce <---- Is that spelled right? Who cares. I guess Im gonna blow outta here for now. I might write something a little extra before I leave.. but we'll see how Im feeling. lol. Later!


July 3, 2005   10:22 AM PDT
I miss those days too. When everything was so much easier. We didnt HAVE to work, and we didn't HAVE to do anything. We could not go to school and go to movies or sleep all day and nobody cared. Now everything is different. We're not even friends anymore. I thought we would be friends forever. Yeah we had hard times, but think, in 10 years. . . we're both going to be 30.. .fucking 30. That's so unbelievably scary. I'm glad that you're happy with Billy, and I hope that things work out for you.. but I'll always miss the old times, and the old days.

Ps. Don't put ANY black in your hair.. it will NEVER come out right again. I swear. I dyed all of my hair black a few months ago.. and you can NEVER get it back to normal color.

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