whoisyourdaddy » yeah
Jerk » hey tina
Jerk » hey tina
jake » hellow
jake » hey
jake » u wack
na_na » what color were your shoes in the book?
na_na » what color were your shoes in the book?
tawnee » hey guys u dont know me!
Amber » In the picture? yessum
chumz_jane » is that youre boyfriend?
chumz_jane » hi!im from the Phils. im just passingby
Amber » Most people do sleep at 4:00 in the morning lol
Jer » What the hell is up im bored off my ass and everyone in hastings is sleeping so im typing this enjoy!!
Brittney » Sorry for the random phone call on the third.. Jill & I were a bit intoxicated, and wanted to say hello.
Amber » Hey
jr » hey
Kayla2 » yeahhh i doubt that too, but hey its a cool thought...!
Amber » Well last I checked.. I did not know AShlee SImpson. lol. so I doubt she would come to my blog
Kayla2 » yeahh i dont think she really does come here even though i wish she did LOL.
Brittney » everyone thinking ashlee simpson comes here.
Kayla2 » what is odd...?
Brittney » This is all very odd if you ask me.
Kayla2 » I dont know but my guess it someone on here likes to fake everyone and is pretending that Ashlee is really on here... But hey you never know!!!
Kayla2 » Well Amber i know that there are some hardcore Ashlee fans out there and i happen to be one and i like to share my thoughts about her in a positive way unlike some ppl out there that bash her...
Amber » Wow. I doubt Ashlee Simpson comes to my blog. lol. But I guess its kind of nice to see that some people come here just to talk about here on my message board. lol..
Kayla2 » thank you so much ashlee!
Kayla2 » i dont care what anyone says, you truley are amazing. You rock at what you do and i love your show. You are an amazing performer and one day i hope you meet you, you helped me find myself, thank you
Hillary » you are a great inspiration to us and we love you for that!
Hillary » Me & Kay love ya and support you, you are so down to earth and we can all relate you and your music...we are looking forward to maybe going in that direction for a career also...
Kayla2 » Ashlee i am your #1 fan.... HILLY HAS NO LUV 4 U... BUT I DO!!! JK HILL i <3 you tooo!!!
Hillary » I love you more than KAY does haha j/k kay you know you my homey
Kayla2 » I love you ASHLEE!!!
Hillary » I love Ash
ashfan1 » does ashlee come on here or is this fake???
ASHLEELOVER » does ashlee really come on here or not
ASHLEELOVER » hey who is an ashlee lover and is sick of ppl bashing her???
.bert.(brittany) » omg hey ashlee. i soo am getting my hari cut lyk yours. but im getitn it dyed brown er sumthing lyk that. i have it in bigg strecks ryt now tho in all diff colors. i think your hair is lyk so cute.heh
pip » you are all gay
pip » you are all gay
Ashlee » I'll never tell...
no way » all the things left not discovered
no way » heyy
Lil J » talk to me or ill get angry!!!
Lil J » does ashlee simpson really com on here?
Lil J » HELLO!!!!
Lil J » does any1 besid me lok lik ashlee simpson
Lil J » http://www.ashleesimpsonmusic.com
Lil J » site with all sorts of pics
Lil J » Any1 gonna IM me?
Lil J » Yo wassup my s/n is phillyheart93 im me
Lil J » So giv me f.y.i on ashlee simpson.
Lil J » So giv me f.y.i on ashlee simpson.
Lil J » Ashlee simpson still here?
Lil J » Ashlee simpson atill here?
Lil J » Ashlee simpson atill here?
brianna » omg ahlee i love ur new hair cut!! im going to get it cut 2 morro
brianna » omg ahlee i love ur new hair cut!! im going to get it cut 2 morro
brianna » ahlee?
pinay » where can I get a good pic of ashlees hair when she did Autobiography?
pinay » where can I get a good pic of ashlees hair when she did autobiography
Ashlee Simpson » Ok, bye, I will come back soon!
Ashlee » What's up?
Ashlee » Hello Fans!
Ashlee » Hello Fans!
Besan » Hey, who, what, when?
jessjam » hello
jess » hello
karry » any one there
greg »
greg » hello
greg » hello
Ashlee Simpson » hey guys i lovee you all
halla » please
karry » please
karry » will someone talk
karry » is it ashlee simpson?
karry » was ^
karry » hey ASHLEE!!!
no1 » hi
yan » halo
jonathon iasparro » hey
jonathon iasparro » hey
kelly » nope
kelly » nm
Kersty » is this really ashlee simpson?? im confusedd!! tell me what this is please and thanksssssss
Kayla » what is this all supposed to be?
Kayla » hey there, this is STUPID
AshleeLookAlike » someone tell me please
AshleeLookAlike » hey where can i find a picture of her new haircut?
Ashley » so whos all in here
Ashley » ya
Megan » im back
Megan » r u there?
Megan » i was just lookin for lyrics to this song and like well this website came up
Megan » i like ur website
Megan » no
Megan » hey
Megan » hey